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Thymus LF

Thymus LF

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Traditionally Supports: Immunomodulatory, Maintain NK cell activity, Induces Th-1 support, Anti-viral, T-cell support, Candida/yeast Issues, Supports natural synthesis of cytokines, Assists in production of thymulin, Lymphatic support, Sinus Issues, Respiratory Issues, Toxin inhibition , Sensitivities. 


Zinc (as zinc citrate) 50 mg, thymus tissue lyophilized (bovine) 500 mg, astragalus root extract 5:1 (Astragalus membranaceus) 200 mg, dried coconut oil 200 mg, andrographis extract 10:1 (aerial parts) (Androgaphis paniculata) 200 mg, rice bran hull 50 mg, spleen tissue lyophilized (bovine) 50 mg, lymph tissue lyophilized (bovine) 50 mg, maitake mushroom (fruiting body) 50 mg, shiitake mushroom extract (fruiting body) 50 mg, reishi mushroom (fruiting body) 50 mg.

Helpful Tips

Standard Dose: One capsule two times per day. Under 120 lb Dose: Ask Health Practitioner.

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