We’re Ruti

Hi! Josh, Erin, and Laura here. We know firsthand the hurdles that exist in becoming the healthiest you can be, but we hope to be a breath of fresh air in the process. Ruti was created to help as many people as possible find healing.

Josh struggled with chronic illness on and off for years, at times bedridden, and doctors had no answers why. Laura was on her way to chronic illness and wanted to make sure she didn't become like Josh (😊). Erin wanted to optimize her health to feel the best she could. We all healed through bioenergetics and knew we couldn't keep it to ourselves. With tech and medical backgrounds of over 10 years each, we took the plunge.

Life is too short to settle for “sick and tired”.

Our goal for Ruti is to help as many people as possible get back to living vibrant, joy-filled lives.