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Systemic Drainage

Systemic Drainage

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Relief of symptoms relating to systemic drainage and cellular detox such as fatigue, low energy, headaches and body aches.


Alfalfa (1X) Avena (1X) Citrus Lim (1X) Glycyrrhiza (1X) UVA-URSI (1X)
Taraxacum (2X) Galium (3X) Schisandra chinensis (3X) Solidago (3X) Tylophora Asthmatica (3X) tabacum (4X) Berber Vulg (6X) Chelidonium Maj (6X) Hepar Suis (6X)
Intestine (6X) Kidney (6X) Lung (6X) Lymph Node (6X) Magnesium Gluconate (6X) Potassium Gluconate (6X) Zinc Gluc (6X) Nux Vom (8X) Sarcolacticum Ac (8X) Lacticum Ac (12X

Helpful Tips

*Order two bottles*

10 drops under tongue two times per day, 20 minutes away from food and mint.

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