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Spleen Chi

Spleen Chi

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Traditionally Supports: Immune Strengthener, Cleans Blood & Lymph, Mitochondrial Support, Sore, Heavy Extremities, Fatigue, Splenic Pain, Candida, Dizziness / Muscle Fatigue, Poor Appetite, Poor Memory / Concentration, Shortness of Breath, Depression, Stomach.


Asian ginseng (root) (Panax ginseng/Ren Shen), angelica (root) tangkuei (Angelica sinensis/Dang Gui), astragalus (root) (Astragalus membranaceus/Huang Qi [Bei]), peony (root) (Paeonia lactiflora/Bai Shao), ligusticum (root) (Ligusticum/Chuan Xiong), poria (extract) (Wolfiporia extensa/cocos sclerotium/Fu Ling), atractylodes (root) (Atractylodes macrocephala/ Bai-Zhu), amomum (fruit) (Amomum villosum/Sha Ren), black cohosh (root) (Cimicifuga foetida/Sheng Ma), Job's tear (seed) (Coix lachryma jobi/Yi Yi Ren), licorice (root) (Glycyrrhizae uralensis/Zhi Gan Cao), tangerine (peel) (Citrus reticulata/Chen Pi [Ju Pi]), eleuthero (root) (Eleutherococcus senticosos), naturally occurring trace minerals (magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, fulvic acid, potassium), shilajit 8-10:1 extract.

Helpful Tips

Standard Dose: 25 drops in warm water two times per day. Under 120 lb Dose: Divide weight by 6 and that is how many drops two times per day in warm water.

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