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Lymph 1

Lymph 1

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Traditionally Supports: Extra Cellular Stage, Elimination / Excretion, Acute Reaction / Inflammation, Lymphatic Drainage.


Adrenal 3X, 6X, Apis Mellifica 3X, 6X, Aranea Diadema 9X, 12X, ATP 4X, 6X, 12X, 24X, Belladonna 6X, 12X, Calcarea Carbonica 9X, Conium Maculatum 6X, Echinacea Angustifolia 1X, Fumaria Officinalis 6X, Galium Aparine 9X, Graphites Naturalis 6X, Hypothalamus 3X, 6X, Kali Iodatum 3X, 6X, Lachesis Muta 12X, Mesenchyme 9X, Mercurius Iodatus Flavus 9X, Myristica Sebifera 9X, Phosphorus 12X, Phytolacca Decandra 2X, 9X, Pinus Maritima 6X, Pituitary 3X, 6X, Rhus Toxicodendron 12X, Scrophularia Nodosa 9X, 15X, Sulphur 12X, Thyroid 6X, Uncaria Tomentosa 3X, 6X, Vespa Crabro 12X, Distilled water, Kosher glycerine from palm/or coconut oil 12%, Organic cane alcohol 20%

Helpful Tips

Standard Dose: 25 drops two times per day, 20 minutes away from food and mint. Under 120 lb Dose: Divide weight by 5 to get drops to take two times per day, 20 minutes away from food and mint.

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