Episode 9: Spiritual Comparison and Embracing Plateaus

Episode 9: Spiritual Comparison and Embracing Plateaus - Ruti

In this episode, Josh and Erin dive deep into spirituality, the dangers of spiritual comparison, and the importance of embracing each person's unique journey. They also discuss the concept of "plateaus" in life, whether it's personal, professional, or related to health, and how these moments can be opportunities for growth, introspection, and recharging. Join them as they share their own experiences with plateaus, from dealing with chronic illness to navigating personal growth and finding clarity in life's lulls. This conversation will inspire you to be more open-minded, supportive, and to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual's spiritual journey and life path.

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by Josh Blatchford

Josh dealt with chronic illness for years, and ultimately healed using bioenergetics. He loves all things design and tech, and because of his healing journey he is now on a mission to share bioenergetic testing with the world!

Connect with Josh: @joshuablatch

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