Episode 7: This One's for the Caregivers

Episode 7: This One's for the Caregivers - Ruti

We're back from having covid! In this episode we talk about caretakers and the challenges they face when taking care of a chronically ill individuals. In this episode, we'll be discussing the often-overlooked aspect of chronic illness – the caretaker's perspective.

Join us as we explore the difficulties and emotional turmoil that caretakers go through when taking care of someone they love. We'll be sharing our personal experiences and stories of how we coped with the helplessness that comes with watching a loved one struggle with their health.

We'll also be discussing the importance of seeking help and support as a caretaker and how to navigate the challenges that come with the role.

Whether you're a caretaker yourself or know someone who is, this podcast episode will provide valuable insights into the often-undervalued work that caretakers do. 

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