A bio-individual path to healing

You deserve deep, lasting wellness. Ruti takes the guesswork out of healing.

You deserve deep, lasting wellness. Ruti takes the guesswork out of healing.

Personalized results with a plan

No more guesswork.

Healing is complex, especially with chronic illness, but we believe your body holds the answers to getting well.

Simply treating symptoms will never get you well. We use bioresonance testing to uncover and address the root causes of chronic symptoms.

We are all exposed to hundreds of toxins (chemicals, heavy metals, mold, bacteria, viruses, parasites) every day. A balanced, healthy body can process and filter these toxins out through drainage and detox pathways. But, for a variety of reasons, some “toxin buckets” fill up faster and/or detoxify slower, leading to a variety of health issues. Bioresonance helps us understand which toxins are causing stress where, and what to do about them.

Whole foods will always beat processed foods, but we believe in bio-individuality, which means one diet does NOT fit all. Bioresonance helps us understand which foods (even potentially “healthy” ones!) our bodies are not resonating with so we can avoid unnecessary inflammation while we heal. We also analyze your samples for resonating nutrient/hormonal imbalances to help guide nutritional support during healing.

Chronic illness is uniquely challenging, especially when you feel unheard or dismissed by the people you go to for help. We’ve been there. We believe you and deeply empathize with you. We know that our mental and emotional state has massive impacts on our physical body. So while we address the physical side, we will also encourage you to explore and adopt practices that help shift your mindset from “sick” to “healing” to ultimately “healed”.

Healing looks good on you.

Healing looks good on you.


We’re Ruti

We started Ruti because, frankly, we needed to. After battling chronic illness in our family for years, we found bioenergetic (i.e. bioresonance) testing and it completely changed everything we thought we knew about health and healing.

Even with this amazing tool, though, our journey to wellness was confusing and lonely. So we started Ruti to change that.
We want Ruti to be a place where people can feel confident and supported in their healing process.

"As a health care professional trained in Western medicine, I can sometimes be skeptical of alternative health interventions. I found that Ruti was not only informative, but effective for my symptoms. I have struggled for years with digestive issues and anxiety that began to decrease my quality of life. After completing the scan, altering my diet, taking remedies, and prioritizing my mental health, I have experienced immense relief from these symptoms that has continued to this day. I’m grateful for the healing I experienced, and hopeful that Ruti will provide hope and healing to many."

Kelsey K.

"I struggled for years to define and understand the reasons for my anxiety, depression, food sensitivities, and more. With my first scan, Ruti defined precisely and with stunning specificity what over a dozen years and doctors, and tens of thousands of dollars of blood work, tests, scans, and doctor visits could not. Ruti then prioritized those imbalances, offered balancing remedies, and systematically eliminated each issue. First Ruti provided me with hope, then answers, and then healing."

Adam E.

“I have been so impressed with the success I’ve experienced with Ruti. I tried so many different things that only seemed to mask my symptoms or doctors who brushed them off as “mild symptoms”. After my first scan and remedies I have more energy and less brain fog. I am easing back into my daily workout routines and have the energy for my 3 kids schedules again. The process has been simple to follow and the Ruti team has been nothing short of outstanding. Thank you Ruti, I am looking forward to my next scan and a better balanced system.”

Samantha S.