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Schedule a 30-minute consult with a Ruti practitioner anytime. 

We'll dive into your specific scan results, answer questions, review how your protocols are going, and help support you on your path to healing. Have questions prior to a scan? We'd love to chat then too. 

What to expect: 

  • Sessions last about 30 minutes
  • Consults (like scans) are completely bio-individual
  • Find out more about your resonating toxins and their impact 
  • Understand the balancing remedies and get tips on what to do next to support your healing 

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Why book a consult?

Healing is complex, we're here to help.

Scan results can feel a little overwhelming at first glance, but our practitioners will walk through results with you and help you understand the big takeaways.

Our practitioners will walk you through how and when to take remedies, and give you all sorts of personalized tips and tricks to best support your body through the healing process. We know healing comes with ups and downs, especially if you’ve been sick for a long time, but we will prepare you for what’s ahead and set you up for success. 

At any point along the way, if you feel unsure about something or have questions, please ask away! We want you to always feel supported throughout your healing journey. For those looking for more one-on-one practitioner time, or things like group support, keep an eye out for membership options down the road! 

Every Ruti scan comes with a consult, because it's important to us that you feel supported through every step of the process, AND because we know scan results require some expertise and training to interpret. That being said, if you’re already working with a practitioner and they would like to take “point” on reviewing scan results with you, have them reach out to