The Underlying Inflammation in Long COVID and How Bioenergetics Can Help Heal the Body

The Underlying Inflammation in Long COVID and How Bioenergetics Can Help Heal the Body - Ruti

Understanding the link between Long COVID, opportunistic pathogens, and the role of bioenergetics in recovery.


Long COVID, a term coined to describe the long-lasting symptoms experienced by some individuals after recovering from the initial COVID-19 infection, has left many experts puzzled. With millions of people worldwide suffering from lingering symptoms, medical professionals have been searching for answers. Recent research now suggests that Long COVID may be a neurological disease, with inflammation playing a key role in its manifestation. This article will explore the connection between Long COVID and opportunistic pathogens, and how bioenergetics can be employed as a powerful tool to identify and treat the underlying causes. 

The Neurological Aspect of Long COVID

According to a study published in Scientific American, Long COVID is now being recognized as a neurological disease. Inflammation, a crucial aspect of the body’s immune response, appears to be the underlying cause of many of the symptoms experienced by long-haulers. In fact, the research indicates that the virus may trigger widespread inflammation in the brain and nervous system, leading to a variety of neurological symptoms.

Opportunistic Pathogens in Long COVID

The inflammation caused by COVID-19 can create an environment conducive to the emergence of opportunistic pathogens. These include Lyme disease, co-infections, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), strep, herpes, and others. These pathogens can wreak havoc in the body, causing a myriad of symptoms that can exacerbate the challenges faced by Long COVID patients. Consequently, it is crucial to identify and address these underlying issues in order to promote healing and recovery.


A Promising Solution for Long COVID Recovery Bioenergetics, as explained by Ruti, is an innovative approach that investigates the body’s energy flow and balance. It can be an invaluable tool in identifying the root causes of various symptoms and providing personalized recommendations for recovery. Here’s how bioenergetics can help in the healing process of Long COVID patients:

  1. Identifying the Root Cause: By evaluating the body’s energy systems, bioenergetics can pinpoint the primary factors contributing to Long COVID symptoms. This may include the presence of opportunistic pathogens, unresolved emotional issues, or environmental stressors.
  2. Personalized Treatment Plans: Once the root cause is identified, bioenergetic practitioners can develop a tailored treatment plan to address specific issues. This may include dietary changes, supplements, stress management techniques, or other holistic therapies.
  3. Restoring Balance: The ultimate goal of bioenergetic therapy is to restore balance to the body’s energy systems. By addressing the underlying causes of Long COVID, this approach can promote overall health and well-being, reducing symptoms and improving quality of life. 


The discovery that Long COVID may be a neurological disease with inflammation as the primary culprit has opened new avenues for understanding and treating this complex condition. As opportunistic pathogens emerge in the wake of this inflammation, it is essential to identify and

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